Mountain Village Cobblestone Streets

Imagine a village in the mountains somewhere.  Cobblestone streets, so I'm thinking Europe.

It's hilly, and the street is narrow.  I can't tell what kind of houses because it's so dark, and then I notice that there's a mountain in the center of the city.

I spend some time looking at the mountain, it's a tall peak and the slope is a bit steep to seem reasonable.   Also the distribution of snow is in pockets along it's side.

The peak is tall and narrow.

I've never seen a mountain like this and I think it looks unnatural.

My former wife is in the street with me and she's saying that she doesn't think she'll be around much longer.

Aerie Dreams


Is this My Memory, or Someone else's?

I think this falls into the category of "science fiction" dream, and I can't decide whether it's some distant memory of my soul, or someone else's experience.

It's a dream of an undeveloped planet with people on it.  They're regular people, but they all look brown; kind of a dark brown. 

It's warm, they wear clothing but it doesn't cover all that much.

The environment has a lot of bushes, but I don't see tall trees.  I don't see buildings,but I my experience was brief.  I think the people were too primitive for buildings.

I'm thinking, in the dream, that it's kind of strange and a new experience to be on a planet with so few people. 

Understanding that I'm from someplace else.

I'm there to teach, I'm thinking that these people need to understand some things about mathematics, and other things before they can develop civilizations.

I don't know if it was Earth a very long time ago or not.  I don't know where I was from.

Aerie Dreams


Do we want to call it Nibiru?

I'm wondering if the disturbing dreams that I've been having are about the future.

One of the dreams, back in the early '90s was about the coming ice age.

I was a Canadian businessman who stepped off of a train, looked around and the landscape was covered in ice, the train did not run on tracks but the outside of the cars was cylindrical with screw like strips around the outside so that when it rotated the train would move either forward or backward.

I knew it was the future because the train platform was from the 20th century and I was a little in awe to be on something from that century.  And when I had the dream it I was still living in the 20th century.

I've dreamed about the moon being colonized, but initially an outpost to mine the regolith, then cities.

Mars is terraformed, I was in one of the crews of people planting conifers, and dying because it was such a hostile environment.

There is a large blue planet coming close to the earth.

Looking up, expecting to see the moon, I saw a large blue world, and thought that it might be a gas giant.  It was the right color of blue.  It's gravity was pulling things off of the earth's surface, and they were drifting upwards.

That initial dream was in the '90s.  I don't remember if I was living in California or if I had moved to North Carolina yet.

But in the last six months I've had two dreams from space where I see a large blue planet, maybe four or five times the size of earth, coming close to the earth and causing it's orbit to change.

The planet sort of fits the description of Uranus or Neptune; but I'm not sure that the color is quite right and the planet in my dream is smaller than images of Uranus or Neptune with images of Earth next to them.

It appears to come from the outer reaches of the solar system, and I view it from space,which may mean that there is some human or quasi-human observer viewing it.

But I have no idea of when this happens or how it affects life overall on the planet.  Or for that matter how the new orbit is different from the old.

Aerie Dreams


Near Colliding Worlds

I really find it disturbing when I look up during the day, expecting to see blue sky and see a big blue world overhead.

It's disturbing because its gravity moves things and pulls at things, and people.

A great blue world much larger than the Earth came meandering into Earth's orbit and came close enough to cause seas to rise and pull the person I was in the dream out of their beach chair.

Then I changed perspective and saw it from space, passing the Earth and changing our orbit so that it was slightly further from the Sun.

This is the second disturbing dream I've had about a near collision between Earth and what looks like a blue gas giant.  

The end of the dream was filled with the idea that we as a species need to explore space seriously and have a significant number of us live on another world such as Mars and in space itself so that we aren't all all on this one planet.

Aerie Dreams


Lines on a Bone White Face

 I dreamed about someone who didn't fit into the usual racial categories.   A young woman with unnatural looking horizontal lines on her face that ran parallel less than half inch apart.

Her face had Caucasian features with bleach white skin, her open eyes dark brown or black with dark brown hair.

I presume that she was dead as she lay on her side on the grass under a tree.
There was a man nearby who had stepped off of what looked like a topless four wheel drive vehicle.  He was balding with short hair on on the sides of his head.

He looked so much like us.

Aerie Dreams


Winter in Burbank?

Snowing in Burbank.

I don't live in Burbank so I must have been dreaming of somebody else.   But sometimes I dream of things and years later the dream looks like it was predictive.

So I was dreaming about someone who was very surprised that it was snowing, and we know it never does that there.

And accumulating.   At least an inch,  maybe a little more.

In Burbank California.

Aerie Dreams


In the Midst of Mobilization

It was rather pleasant to wake up and know that it was all a dream.

We were at war with Russia and China!

I was torn away from my wife and drafted into the military.  Mobilized and on my way somewhere far from civilian certitudes.

I had no idea where I was going, and I had no idea how well my wife would fare without me.

Like a regurgitation of some old World War movie I was on a bus or a train and seemingly in a uniform of some kind on my way somewhere.

Aerie Dreams

Mountain Village Cobblestone Streets

Imagine a village in the mountains somewhere.  Cobblestone streets, so I'm thinking Europe. It's hilly, and the street is narrow. ...